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IPB Pojistovna (HQ IPB insurance Company)

Reconstruction: 1999 - 2000
Place: Pardubice, Czech republic
Investor: IPB Pojistovna, a.s.

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IPB Insurance Company Headquarters PARDUBICE

Multifunctional building of insurance company creates dominant object of arising new central square in one hundred thousand- inhabitant city. There is being realized mass transport changing centre in front of the building. It is situated on the plot surrounded by eight or six-storey administrative buildings, south corner of the building opens site for another construction.

Transport connection including car park is realized from eastern parallel service road.

New building sprang out of main building reconstruction and its extension - two-storey commercial prominent part and mass of parking building.

Requested height relation with surrounding buildings is solved by free line of roof, which plays important role in panoramic views. Top management offices under the roof offer attractive views to mini garden and in the same time perspectives of historic town and the river. Atrium protects offices against noise and overheat of western facade (air-conditioning assures air comfort).

Multifunctional house consists of Insurance Company offices on the ground floor together with restaurant, shops, there are commercial spaces and insurance hall on the second floor and fitness centre and commercial spaces on the third floor. All the floors are linked up with parking building, above which there is staff dining-room on the 7th floor. All the roofs enable to enter exterior gardens, also in the main hall 3rd floor garden is understood as a garden for relaxation. Technical facilities are hidden in underground.

Supporting structure consists of reinforced concrete skeleton with steel construction of atrium and organic shaped roof. Prominent pergola (rest "city space") combines again steel columns and reinforced concrete ceilings. Interior galleries and staircases are realized as reinforced concrete monolith.

Sloping roof covering the atrium is supported by steel columns, which enable dilatation from concrete construction, and steel open-web girders with imbedded cable elements.

House - sculpture has accents in two motifs of entrance either red brown gate or pylon with staircase and lifts inside supporting roof cantilever.

All the attic gables are decorated with verdure placed in gutters making softer scale and impression. Round part of main building mantles air condition facilities. Composition verdure goes through roof covering the garage building because of dominant perspective placement on the main city avenue.

Free lines of roof enter the organic-shaped interior including offices. Counter halls and commercial spaces are freely included into free layout led by motif of staircase and lift enriched by significant greenery and watery surfaces.

Richness of exterior shapes of the building is accompanied by sober colours of company on tiling (white ceramics and sheet metal, blue glass, silver steel roof parts). Also the interior is severe with grey stone pavements, white plasters and silver steel elements together with stainless steel lift construction.

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