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Living House (28 flats and apartments)

Project: 2005
Place: Trutnov, Czech Republic
Investor: Reality Krkonose spol. s r. o.
The site is embedded to the gulch with camber c. 30 m. From easter part it is delimited by forest mass. From western and southern side the site with dramatically simulated program cross country pases into gentle slope built - up by family houses in preceding period. The entrance on the site is possible from southern side across modified area with sportgrounds and from western part from service road, passing between site and territory current build-up area. The house with 28 flats is formed by two wings. The wings forms kubic composition like letter "V", however in vertical course wings are mutually displaced over themselves. Southern wing is perched at the level of modified park area with sportsground and it is living facade is oriented in direction east-west. East wing is perched about two levels height, slewed about 35°, so as to living facade turned more to the west. Both wings are in the east side interlinked with hall, which creates confinement between both wings and technical tract, located behind southern wing in slope so that on its roof rises living garden, from which easter wing grows up . In technical tract parking places 1,5 or 2,5 on flat are located (according to standard 1 or 2 parking places + surface for wheels and motorcycle on flat). Flats are divided into the four categories according to the number of bedrooms and surface standard. First, second and third category flats are always buckthorn in one floor level, fourth category flats in two levels. All flats are buckthorn as unilaterally oriented to the one housing facade, which is in virtue of stair - step solving object. Technically the house is buckthorn as a blockhouse monolithic construction with ceramic linings and sandwich enclosing shell, built - in to the slope, which administrates to the energy unpretentious running. Heat energy source for object is heat pump ground - water with geothermal bore. For the pump drive system fotovoltic cells are used . Geothermal bore regeneration is assured from air - conditioner systems of residual heat energy.
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